Our team of experts also provide services in the following areas:

Probate sales:

A sale that must be approved by the court system.

Estate sales:

The most common reason for the sale is the death of the owner.


Employment changes, hardships, government mandated, bank foreclosures.

Short Sales:

A sale in which the seller and the bank negotiate a payoff of less than what is originally owed on a promissory note.


A lender regains ownership of a property due to non-payment.

Tax sales:

Acquisition of a property from a county after a foreclosure

due to non-payment of taxes.

Land contracts:

Seller refinanced sale of property.

Rental properties:

Landlord financed sale of property.

Investment properties:

Properties that a purchaser buys to renovate and re-sell quickly (Fix and Flip)

Multi-family properties:

Properties that more than one family resides in. (duplexes, 2 or more units, etc.)

Commercial properties:

Properties designated specifically for business purposes.

Financing assistance:

Referral network of finance professionals.

Title insurance services:

Referral network of title insurance services.

Legal services:

Referral network of attorneys, designed to help with your specific area of need.

As a designated agency office, we are able to maintain the highest degree of ethics, while keeping our clients information confidential. We properly handle both buyers and sellers transactions in the following ways: Our Sellers Agents prepare custom market analysis to determine how much your property is worth in today's market. Then we develop a marketing strategy designed to get your property sold quickly. Our Buyers Agents prepare custom buyer packages based on your individual needs. Our automated email program sends listings directly from the multi-listing system to your inbox so you can shop online. We then show properties, prepare documents, negotiate with sellers and manage escrows, title insurance and close the transaction.

Realty Services

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